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Eliminate laundry costs and buy online at TNTGiusky® TnT napkins Made in Italy. Over 1000 high-quality items always available, at the best wholesale price in Italy and delivered within 24/48 hours with express courier. Choose the format, material, color, and pattern that best suits the design of your venue, your taste, and the seasonality.

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Renew the design of your restaurant, pizzeria, bar, pub or other type of venue with disposable napkins whenever you want.

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Disposable TnT napkins: features and description The disposable TnT napkins are the modern, practical, hygienic and eco-friendly alternative to the classic cloth napkins.

TnT stands for "Non-Woven Fabric" as the aesthetic-functional output is comparable to that of cloth napkins.

The main advantages compared to the latter are:

Economic savings, due to the elimination of laundry costs or those related to rental; Convenience, the table can be set up and cleared in an extremely fast manner; Time savings, thanks to the disposable use, the continuous quality control of the wash and the daily transport/withdrawal to the laundry will only be a distant memory; Customization and renewal of the style of the napkins whenever you want; Optimization of the storage space. The disposable napkins for catering are highly hygienic. This is because, unlike cloth napkins, whose hygiene is not guaranteed due to polluting agents that could remain if the wash is not carried out at sufficiently high temperatures (which in turn would ruin the texture), disposable napkins allow you to offer the customer a sterilized and always new product.

Our TnT napkins are eco-friendly as they are mostly made of cellulose, which gives the product recyclability and compostability characteristics.

Formats The available formats are:

disposable TnT napkins 30x40 disposable TnT napkins 30x50 disposable TnT napkins 35x50 disposable TnT napkins 33x44 disposable TnT napkins 33x40


Materials Based on their properties and production process, there are elements that differentiate disposable tablecloths in terms of cost, aesthetics, and durability.

Dry Airlaid Paper American Tablecloths: This product made of cellulose paste is entirely natural. Compared to traditional paper, Airlaid is softer, bulkier, and more porous, as well as being extremely more resistant and therefore tear-proof even when wet. The main feature of disposable dry Airlaid paper tablecloths is absorbency, in fact, they can be internally dyed and printed externally with hundreds of patterns and colors. These tablecloths are environmentally friendly as they are recyclable, compostable, and ecological.

Fiesta TnT American Tablecloths: Hydrorepellency, incredible tear resistance, and slight transparency are the distinctive elements of classic Nonwoven Fabric. Synthetic in origin, these TnT tablecloths are made of polypropylene and their production takes place through a processing methodology called "spun bonded". They have a wide range of colors and sizes and are stain-resistant.

Spunlace American Tablecloths: Spunlace is a high-quality, next-generation material, its uniqueness is its ability to perfectly convey the effect of fabric to tablecloths, in fact, they drape like classic fabric. The Spunlace tablecloths are soft, smooth, tear-proof as they are resistant to any type of traction. They are also characterized by high absorbency levels. Their production is of mixed, synthetic, and natural origin. They are made of polyester, viscose, and cellulose, and the fibers that make them up are fixed together by interweaving.

There are timeless solutions that probably will never fade, we are talking about straw paper tablecloths or decorated paper tablecloths. Known for their ease of use, these types of disposable tablecloths have specific characteristics:

Straw Paper American Tablecloths: Among the most sought-after disposable tablecloths in the market, production takes place with wheat paste and pressed straw. They are definitely economical and convenient while maintaining important quality.

Disposable Paper American Tablecloths: An timeless classic, paper tablecloths for restaurants represent a always current solution for those who want to give a modern and minimalist touch to their local.

Colors, Patterns, Styles Disposable American tablecloths are very popular in the restaurant world. Restaurant managers increasingly opt for modern tables to display, with a more minimalist "mise en place". They can also be an excellent alternative to classic TnT tablecloths as they are less expensive, thanks to their smaller size.

This product gives a sense of linearity, modernizes the environment, and is very popular with customers, especially when it comes to breakfast.

If well matched to the overall style of the location, American tablecloths can turn out to be a decisive design element.

There is no limit to experimentation, the numerous patterns and colors allow for the search for always new solutions.

The tablecloth can be paired with TnT napkins of the same pattern or a pleasant contrast can be created by pairing it with TnT napkins of a different pattern.

Furthermore, if your establishment has a nice table, it is best not to excessively obstruct the view with the mise en place, so you might consider using only disposable American tablecloths.


Certifications All of our products boast several international certifications that ensure quality and respect for the environment.

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  1. Straw Paper Disposable Placemat 30x40 Size : 30x40: 600pcs
    €26.83 €21.99
  2. Two-Sheet Paper Disposable Placemat Packservice Natural Onda 30x48 Size : 30x48: 350pcs
    €28.05 €22.99
  3. Straw Paper Disposable Placemat 33x40 Size : 33x40: 600pcs
    €28.05 €22.99
  4. Two-Sheet Paper Disposable Placemat Packservice Rustico Low Onda 30x48 Size : 30x48: 600pcs
    €30.49 €24.99
  5. Two-Sheet Paper Disposable Placemat Packservice White Low Onda 30x48 Size : 30x48: 600pcs
    €31.71 €25.99
  6. Disposable Paper Placemat White Onda 30x50 Size : 30x50: 400pcs
    €32.93 €26.99
  7. Disposable Paper Placemat EcoBlack Onda 30x50 Size : 30x50: 400pcs
    €37.81 €30.99
  8. Disposable Paper Placemat Astice 30x50 Size : 30x50: 400pcs
    €39.03 €31.99
  9. Disposable Paper Placemat Alici Onda 30x50 Size : 30x50: 400pcs
    €39.03 €31.99
  10. Disposable Paper Placemat BBQ Onda 30x50 Size : 30x50: 400pcs
    €39.03 €31.99
  11. Disposable Paper Placemat Garden 30x50 Size : 30x50: 400pcs
    As low as €39.03 €31.99
  12. Disposable Paper Placemat Contadino 30x50 Size : 30x50: 400pcs
    €39.03 €31.99
  13. Disposable Paper Placemat Birra Onda 30x44 Size : 30x44: 400pcs
    €39.03 €31.99
  14. Disposable Paper Placemat Jolie Onda 30x50 Size : 30x50: 400pcs
    As low as €39.03 €31.99
  15. Disposable Paper Placemat Color Onda 30x50 Size : 30x50: 350pcs
    As low as €39.03 €31.99
  16. Nonwoven Airlaid Disposable Placemat Plus Gourmet 35x50 Size : 35x50: 250pcs
    As low as €39.03 €31.99
  17. Disposable Paper Placemat Oriente Onda 30x50 Size : 30x50: 400pcs
    As low as €39.03 €31.99
  18. Two-Sheet Paper Disposable Placemat Packservice Margherita Onda 30x48 Size : 30x48: 400pcs
    €39.03 €31.99
  19. Disposable Paper Kraft Placemat Rustico 30x50 Size : 30x50: 750pcs
    €40.25 €32.99
  20. Disposable Paper Placemat Brigitte Onda 30x50 Size : 30x50: 600pcs
    As low as €40.25 €32.99
  21. Disposable Placemat 30x50 Paper Packservice Abeti Onda Recyclable Size : 30x50: 350pcs
    €45.13 €36.99
  22. Disposable Placemat 30x50 Paper Packservice Onda Rifugio Red Recyclable Size : 30x50: 400pcs
    €45.13 €36.99
  23. Disposable Placemat 30x50 Paper Packservice Onda Glacè Recyclable Size : 30x50: 400pcs
    €45.13 €36.99
  24. Disposable Placemat 30x50 Paper Packservice Onda Snowy Recyclable Size : 30x50: 400pcs
    €45.13 €36.99
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